Pirikia : A Maithili Delicacy

Down the south of Nepal lie lands of vast plainness rich in flora and fauna. There’s festivity all-round the year too, and having lived in the Terai for many years, how can I forget the wonderful cultures of the Bhojpuri and Maithili communities. Today though, we shall talk of a recipe predominantly from the Maithili cuisine that is an important part of family and friends gatherings. Read more Pirikia : A Maithili Delicacy

Dashain Festival

The month of Ashwin always brings a bright big smile to the faces of Nepalese people. With moderation in temperature, Ashwin introduces one of the most famous and celebrated festival of Hindus known as Dashain or Bijaya Dashami which is a fifteen day long national festival of Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar (Burma) and Indian hill states of Sikkim, Assam and Darjeeling district. Read more Dashain Festival

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trekking is a beautiful trekking route Nepal has to offer.  Trekking trail passes through different Gurung and Magar villages, forests of bamboo and rhododendron, and glaciers.  This trekking trail offers beautiful view of different mountains like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Fishtail, Mt. Gangapurna, and many more. Read more Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest Base Camp (EBC) trekking is one of the popular treks amongst the trekker.  It is one of the closest ways to be in front of the top of the world.  From the base of this camp, you will be able to get a majestic view of different 8,000 meter mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt.Pumori, Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Cho Oyu, and many more. Read more Everest Base Camp Trekking

Weather and Seasons of Nepal

Nepal is a small mountainous country. However, for a small country Nepal has abundant cultural, ecological and geographical diversity. In under 1, 47,181 square kilometers, it has three major kind of topographical settings. And the weather of the country differs according to the geographical situation and altitude. From the highest point on Earth (Mount Everest) to the deepest valley on earth (Arun Valley), Nepal has quite the interesting features. Read more Weather and Seasons of Nepal

Best Short Treks in Nepal

In Nepal for a short period of time? Do you wish to explore the Himalayan region in this short time? Many believe that to truly trek in the Himalaya one needs to have plenty of time. However, that’s not entirely true. There are various short treks in Nepal that will give you mesmerizing views of mountains and take you to the Himalayan region under 7 days of time. Read more Best Short Treks in Nepal

Fagu Purnima (Holi)

If you’re ever in Nepal during early spring, an experience you must not miss is the festival of Fagu Purnima. Also known as Holi, Hori, Basantaotsav, Dol Jatra or Faguwa, Fagu Purnima is a festival hailing the arrival of spring and is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. Read more Fagu Purnima (Holi)

Bisket Jatra

Bisket Jatra is a two day festival celebrated in Bhaktapur during the last day of a Nepali year and the first day of the new calendar year. It is an ancient celebration of two important deities of Bhaktapur, god Bhairav and goddess Bhadrakali. Read more Bisket Jatra

Top 10 Richest Nepalese People in the World

Money has always been an indicator of success, high class and status in any society in the world. There are some Nepalese who through their hard work, determination and persistence made a big fortune over time and are entitled the Richest People. Read more Top 10 Richest Nepalese People in the World

Famous Nepali Origin People Who Live in Abroad

Be it in your own country or abroad, if you work hard on your talent, you are sure going to achieve a high level of success. There are a handful of such people who are Nepalese by origin and live in abroad but are famous in Nepal and all over the world. Read more Famous Nepali Origin People Who Live in Abroad

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