Diesel Price Per Liter in Nepal

One of the most demanded petroleum products in Nepal is Diesel. It is often consumed by the vehicle which has diesel engine. The burning of diesel produces carbon monoxide and other harmful gas. That is why the environmentalist are often advocating for the use of environment friendly energy by decreasing the rate of consumption of such products. Read more Diesel Price Per Liter in Nepal

Petrol Price Per Liter in Nepal

Petroleum products are always a matter of concern at international level. Nepal often experiences obstacle in availability of the petroleum products in the nation time-to-time. There are times when nation has to struggle with the availability and sometimes even with the price of the petrol. Read more Petrol Price Per Liter in Nepal

Nepali New Year

Nepal is a land made up of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities, all of which have their own customs and traditions. Many of these cultures have their own calendar. Currently, Nepali people celebrate 9 different New Years at different times of the year based on the calendars followed by different ethnic and religious groups. Read more Nepali New Year

Nepali Flag: Information on Flag of Nepal

Flags are an important symbol for any nation. Every country has a flag unique to itself, which is used to represent the country during international events such as Olympics or at international panels like the United Nations. Today, we are going to be talking about flag of NepalĀ in particular. Read more Nepali Flag: Information on Flag of Nepal

Where is Nepal Located

The tiny yet mesmerizing republic of Nepal has been in the global map for more than 200 years. Yet, this small nation is not always recognized by people across the world. While many people know it as the land of Mt Everest or Buddha, there are still many who are unaware where is Nepal located. Read more Where is Nepal Located

Top 15 Interesting Facts about Nepal

Nepal, though a tiny nation sandwiched between two giants, China and India, is nevertheless a nation full of wonders. This beautiful little Himalayan country has a lot to offer its visitors and its countrymen. So, to get better acquainted with the land of Nepal, here are 15 fascinating facts about Nepal. Read more Top 15 Interesting Facts about Nepal

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